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Getting Started With CBD

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You see it in gas stations, at the checkout lane in grocery stores and all over the internet.

It seems CBD (which is short for cannabidiol) is everywhere. Why is that? Because more and more people are realizing it works. The FDA began allowing researchers to conduct CBD trials in 2015 and their research has suggested a wide variety of health benefits.

At Qulture, we’ve seen lives changed in incredible ways. From people living with excruciating back pain, crippling anxiety and sleeping difficulties, CBD helps them lead less painful and more productive lives. These are the stories that make us excited to keep educating people about the incredible benefits of this plant.

Many people want to try CBD but aren’t sure where to start. The most common questions we receive about CBD are:

  • I don’t know what kind of CBD to take.
  • I don’t know how to dose CBD properly.
  • I’m embarrassed about using CBD. There’s so much stigma!

I don’t know what kind of CBD to take.

Don’t worry! We’ll explain the most common kinds of CBD and make a recommendation that fits what you’re looking for.

Tinctures & Oils

A “tincture” refers to a liquid extracted from a plant. When we say “CBD tincture”, we are typically referring to an oil, such as MCT mixed with CBD extract. These are sold in bottles.

Tinctures are taken using a dropper, and Qulture tinctures have metered droppers to better measure your intake. Tinctures can be mixed in food or drinks and even applied topically, but are usually taken under the tongue. This allows CBD to enter your bloodstream and be absorbed quickly, usually within 15-30 minutes.

Edibles & Capsules

You can add CBD to almost any food. It’s common to add CBD to gummies because they are so easy to consume. CBD can also be added to capsules, like pills or medication. Both the gummy format and capsule format are convenient. Edibles are not as fast-acting as tinctures and it may take between 30 minutes to two hours before the effects are felt. They are typically measured in 10 mg or 25 mg doses.

Balms, Creams & Roll-Ons

CBD is often infused in balms, body oils and even bath bombs and works wonderfully when applied to the skin.  It targets receptors just below the skin’s surface to alleviate localized pain and discomfort quickly.  Because they don’t cause a high and can work within minutes, topical products and bath soaks are often the first choice of people who want to try CBD for the first time.

Once you’ve decided on a format—now you just have to decide on a dose.

I don’t know how to dose CBD properly

Dosing CBD can be tricky. Many people simply buy a bottle of CBD and find there are no directions on the bottle. Then, they go online and begin to read—and they discover every piece of advice is different.

This is because our bodies are all different. This is why it’s important to make every dosing decision on a case-by-case basis. It’s not one-size-fits-all!

We prefer a very simple method. Dose twice daily, starting with a low dose. Work your way up to the dose that works for you.

Here are a few target doses that may help:

Condition Starting Dose & Suggested Product Average Time to Relief


Gummy, GelCap or Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, up to 4 times a day

1-2 Hours


Delta 8 Sleep Tincture or Delta 8 Gummy, one hour before bedtime



Full Spectrum Tincture or Broad Spectrum Gummy in the evening

1-2 Hours
Joint Pain/Back Pain


CBD Gummies, Gelcaps, Full Spectrum CBD Tincture or Relief CBG Tincture, up to 4 times daily.

Pain Balm or Relief Roll-On every hour as needed.

15 minutes-2 Hours


THCv Energy Tincture at breakfast and again at lunch, if needed



Full Spectrum CBD Tincture in the morning

Up to 2 Hours
Crohn’s / Colitis


Relief CBG Tincture, up to 3 times daily


30mg-80 mg

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, up to 4 times daily

Up to 6 Weeks


CBD gummies, Gel caps or Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, up to 4 times daily

1-2 Hours up to 6 Weeks
Auto-immune conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia


CBD gummies, Gelcaps, Relief CBG Tincture or Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, up to 4 times daily.

Healing Balm or Roll-On every hour as needed


1-2 Hours up to 6 Weeks

Start at the lowest dose and increase by ¼ to ½ dropper or a half a gummy every 2-3 days until you’re feeling the desired effects.

Typically, you should take your target dose twice daily. If you want to dose 50mg, for instance, take 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the afternoon.  However, it’s safe to take it more often and in higher doses than those recommended above.  In fact, some people find it works better to manage their symptoms by taking it throughout the day.  You can’t overdose on CBD so don’t worry about taking too much.

I’m embarrassed about using CBD. There’s so much stigma!

Don’t worry—we get it! For many people, their family, friends, or greater social circle look down on them for using CBD. However, there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about! In fact, you can be proud of using CBD. Here’s a few reasons CBD is a great choice:

  • CBD is natural substance made from plants. It’s healthy and great for your body!
  • CBD is safe and effective for most people.
  • Qulture CBD is sustainably sourced and based in Michigan.
  • Even recreational use is okay! There’s nothing wrong with doing something enjoyable—as long as it doesn’t harm you, others, or the environment. (And our Delta 8 gummies are a great choice for people who want to try something slightly psychoactive for fun.)

The stigma about CBD is gradually decreasing. Soon, it may be considered as normal as taking a vitamin. In the meantime, give yourself permission to make the health choices which are best for YOU.

Getting started with CBD is easy and fun

Hopefully this article has been a good resource to help get you started with CBD. Our goal at Qulture is to educate everyone on the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, opening the conversation and removing stigma.

If you have any more questions, please let us know!  We have free virtual tea parties on the last Thursday of every month where you can ask a nurse any and everything about using CBD and more. Sign up on our Events page. We hope to see you there!

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