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Community Involvement

The passion for CBD and cannabis follows the Qulture team in the local community

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Our Community Involvement & Cannabis Advocacy in Detroit, Michigan

As a business, Qulture is an online CBD shop that ships our products conveniently throughout the US. However, for the faces behind Qulture, the passion for CBD and cannabis follows us whenever we step out of our front door.

From our headquarters in Michigan to throughout the Midwest and beyond, the Qulture team daily carries out our mission of reinventing the image of cannabis by reflecting the vibrant culture of our local community. Qulture is more than a CBD shop, it’s a way of life.

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Q’s Personal Experience with CBD + Cannabis

Our owner Anqunette “Q” Sarfoh has been an influential public person in the Detroit, Michigan, area for years. After eight years as a morning anchor for Fox 2 Detroit, Sarfoh faced an early retirement in 2016 due to a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis.

During her treatment for MS, she was prescribed a handful of pharmaceutical drugs. However, what eased her symptoms was not medication–it was medical marijuana. And as a result, she was able to shelf the many prescription medicines she once depended on for a natural alternative that helped her with pain, nausea, energy, and sleep. Her experience with medical marijuana awoke in her a dedication to sharing the positive effects of cannabis.

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Marijuana Legalization Efforts

While the MS condition affected her career as a news anchor, Sarfoh found a new avenue for pursuing her passion for informing the public–a cannabis and wellness advocate. In 2016, she began publicly supporting the movement to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over 21 in Michigan.

After reaping the benefits of medical marijuana, she became increasingly aware of the disproportionate prosecution of minorities for marijuana criminalization, as well as the limited number of ailments for which medical marijuana was legal. Since 2016, Sarfoh has continually partnered with MI Legalize to help get the issue on the ballot in Michigan.

Community Events

In addition to joining grassroots organizations and efforts for marijuana legalization, Sarfoh is committed to educating her local community on the uses and benefits of cannabis. Through “High Tea” events, the team at Qulture provides the opportunity for medical experts to answer questions for caregivers and the canna-curious.

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